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Agriculture Products:

We have a huge range of Chaff cutting Machines catering all kind of requirements. Different models are available for every kind of requirements ranging from Domestic to Dairy Purposes. Original Quality spares are available throughout our markets. Machines are available in 3 head sizes of 2 Roller 8?, 2 Roller 9? and 3 Roller 9? mouth. All the Machines are tested on ISI Standards. Majha Toka and Sonu Tokais are ideal farm machine for farmers having few livestock. It is durable, long lasting and low maintenance machine. It cuts the fodder uniformly, which is ideal for the livestock. It improves the digestion of Cattle yielding more milking output capacity. It reduces wastage of fodder. Features:Durable, Long lasting & Functionally, Superior, Does not require continuous maintenance, Superior Quality Blade for longer run

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